Coolest Penguin Cake

I never did anything like this before. I made my favorite chocolate cake recipe in a pan that was about 11 x 17 x 2 inches. I doubled the recipe. I drew a picture of one of my daughter’s favorite toy penguins (she has 3). Then I used it as a guide to cut out the body shape of the penguin cake. (It’s like an 8).

I used the leftover cake pieces to make the wings and the feet. I wanted to use chocolate frosting so the black is a mix of milk and semi-sweet chocolate with black food coloring and the white & yellow are white chocolate frosting (the yellow with food coloring).

My one big warning is that the black food coloring stains badly, so don’t use it near anything porous.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Penguin Cake”

  1. This is adorable! Awesome job! My boyfriend loves penguins and I keep thinking about doing a penguin cake for his birthday. I like yours a lot!

  2. I had never done anything like this cake either but it was very easy and fun. My best friend looooovvves penguins and this is her Christmas present!! i think she will love it thanks soooo much!

  3. My aunt hates penguins and i love them so we have this war of penguins when we see one we buy it for the other person well my for aunts birthday i wannna make a penguin cake and this cake is so cute and a fun idea. thank you so much for posting this.

  4. I loved your cake !! My daughter is turning 9 tomorrow and I made cupcakes. I looked up ideas to arrange the cupcakes and make it into a penguin and look like a cake! I took your great idea 1 step farther ! I wish I could post a picture of it ! Thanks for the idea !!

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