Coolest Penguin Cake

I used a teddy bear shaped cake pan to make this Penguin cake.

I cut off the ears and shaped the feet to make it look like a penguin. I used chocolate frosting for the black color and butter cream for the white and orange. I outlined his face and belly with the white, his feet and beak with the orange and then filled them in. I piped a little blue color into his eyes, which were mainly black. It was a very simple cake to make!

16 thoughts on “Coolest Penguin Cake”

  1. I love it and i wanted a penguin cake for my birthday, and this design looks perfect! Thanks.. and Congrats!

  2. Just made this cake for my 2 year old daughter – its so cute! I iced it and used coloured sprinkles instead of piping (coz I can’t pipe to save myself!) Looks great thanks so much for the idea :)

  3. I love penguins. Every January I have a Penguin Day in my 2nd/3rd grade class. This cake would be perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the great comments! I used a star tip for the piping. Probably 16 or 18.. not sure, its been a while…

  5. Hi, I loved the look of this penguin and so did my grandson! He was so excited about his penguin birthday cake. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  6. I love the cake and my grand-daughter has to have a penguin (Happy Feet) cake, or so she thinks, for her birthday June 20.

    How did you round out the bottom of the cake between the feet? I understand cutting the ears off but looking at the Wilton bear pan I purchased the bottom shape between the feet is different.

  7. Hi Paula, Im not sure about the pan you bought. I didnt have to do any shaping of the cake except fot the ears. The pan I have is a fairly older pan that was passed down to me.

  8. I just purchased the bear pan from Michaels. If I knew an address to send a picture to I could send you a picture. It goes up in the center bottom, that is why I asked. Thanks so much for getting back to me. Alexis’ birthday is today so I will be baking the cake on Friday for a Saturday get together.

  9. Hi Brandy, I absolutely LOVE this cake. I live in McDonough, GA and was wondering if you make this cake to sell? My daughter LOVES Penguins and has been asking me to get her a penguin cake for the last couple of years for her birthday, needless to say I tried making her one and it turned out so terrible that I threw it in the garbage and got her a store bought cake. If this is something that you could/ would do please email me ASAP. Please and Thank you

  10. Hi Dana. I emailed you. I apologize if its late, I JUST got the notification of your message. If you didn’t get my email let me know.

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