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Coolest Peppa Pig and George Pig Picnic Cake

Well, I have never made a cake using modelling icing before, so I was quite pleased with how this Peppa Pig and George Pig Picnic Cake turned out!

I used Google to find a recipe for Marshmallow fondant icing and made a large batch. I wrapped this tightly in clingfilm, which allowed me to store it for several days, so I could do some modelling each day.

I then coloured chunks of the icing with food colouring as needed. For the cheeks, I cut circles of paper napkins the size the red circles needed to be, soaked them in food colouring, placed them on, then peeled them off immediately, to transfer the colour. For the eyes, I stuck round circles of white fondant on, then pierced them with the prong of a fork, dipped in black food colouring. I used a cutter to make the pink flowers, everything else was hand crafted.

The cake is a Victoria Sponge, which is sandwiched with buttercream and raspberry jam, then covered with buttercream icing.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Peppa Pig and George Pig Picnic Cake”

  1. Did you use a mold for Peppa’s and George’s bodies?

    I have been looking for molds and cannot
    find any.

    Please share how you shaped their bodies and the the colours you used.
    I have twin granddaughters who absolutely adore Peppa Pig therefore I would lke to make
    to make a Peppa Pig Cake.

    Nanny G

  2. I’m so sorry I have only just seen your comment! No, I made them by hand using marshmallow fondant (search Google for recipes). I made the head using a ball of fondant and sort of kept stretching out one bit to make the nose, then flattening it at the end. Took a lot of messing about to get it right if I’m honest! Colour-wise, I ordered professional colours from online (Wilton etc). There are loads available on ebay :). Then i painted on the eyes etc. It took a while, but I was pleased with the result. I have never modelled anything before this cake- ever! So it can be done, with a LOT of patience though!! Good luck!


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