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Coolest Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

I was inspired to have a go at making a Peppa Pig birthday cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday after looking at the wonderful cakes that have been submitted on this site.

I read some very useful tips from here which I am sure contributed to making the cake a success!

I made a Madeira cake and froze it. I took it out to defrost in the morning and started to decorate the cake in the afternoon. I cut the shape of Peppa and the balloons from a template I printed off to the size required. Once I had the initial shapes, I started to cover the cakes bit by bit with colored sugar paste.

I started with Peppa’s body, then her head, then the balloons one by one. I then molded and rolled the icing to make the eyes, mouth and nose and piped the outline of the hat and Peppa’s face with rolled out icing. I did the same with the arms, legs and balloon strings. One tip I would give is to spread over a thin layer of butter cream on the cake before putting the sugar paste on the cake. This stops the icing from going gooey (trial and error proved this for me!) To do the lettering I bought some small alphabet cookie cutters which I found much easier to use than other cutters I have come across.

I really enjoyed making this cake, not bad for a first attempt! I know my little girl will be delighted when she sees it, can’t wait to see her face!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Peppa Pig Birthday Cake”

  1. Absolutely fantastic! you really did a great job.My nephew “announced” that aunty Rose was going to make him a pepper pig birthday cake, thats how i found yours. You really did an incredible job ,well done!!!

  2. Thank you for you lovely comment Rose, it has made my day!

    I hope your Peppa Cake is a success, I’m sure it will be : – )


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