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Coolest Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

This Homemade Peppa Pig Birthday Cake was one of the easiest I’ve made. I got some ideas from previous cakes on here and I was very happy with the end result.

I made a rectangle shape cake, blew up a picture to fit the cake and carved up the sponge (I carved it up semi frozen as I find it much easier) and sliced in half to fill with jam and buttercream. I also decided to make the head and dress separate so that it would be easier to cover in fondant (sugarpaste)icing.

I then covered the head and ears in pink fondant icing (approx 600grams) and the dress in red fondant icing (approx 500grams). The legs and arms were made from the same pink as the head. I used a little black fondant for the feet and left to dry for 24hrs. It was then all put together and I used a darker pink for the outline of Peppa’s head, but forgot to do the ears!! However, nobody noticed so I got away with it.

I hope this will inspire others to have a go at making children’s cakes. This cake is so easy to do and the kids loved it, very happy.

Homemade Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Homemade Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

3 thoughts on “Coolest Peppa Pig Birthday Cake”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks to Lynnette for posting the details of the Peppa Pig Cake. I have made a few cakes before but was feeling a bit brave and thought I would try my first character cake. Its turned out really well and had given me the confidence to try another. Thanks again.

  2. Wow this cake looks amazing!! I’ve never baked anything before but you have inspired me to do so! My daughter loves peppa pig. Thanks for sharing


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