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Coolest Peppa Pig in Mud Cake

I started this Peppa Pig in mud cake by making the pigs. I made a large cone shape for Peppa pig’s body in red fondant and then did the same with some blue fondant for George pig. I then colored some fondant enough to make the pig’s heads, arms and tails. I molded their heads and attached them to the body using a cocktail stick to keep the head on.

I then made the arms and attached these, then I made the ears and the tails and attached these, using some white fondant. I made the eyes marking the pupil in black color paste. Made two tiny holes in the fondant on the snout and put smiles on the pigs faces. I then colored enough fondant in yellow for Peppa pig’s boots and some in red for George pigs boots.

I then cut out some white flowers and colored the center in yellow to attach to the bottom of the cake later. The pigs and flowers were left for a few days to harden.

I then baked 3 parts to a 8 inch cake and this was left to go cold. I then filled one part with butter cream and the other part with jam and covered the whole cake in butter cream. This was then placed in a fridge to chill. Then I covered the whole cake in white roll our fondant and then left it overnight to harden slightly.

The next day I decorated the cake. I started by coloring some fondant for the puddle of mud. I cut this out and attached it to the cake using a little water. Then I placed the pigs in place using some royal icing. I then attached the white flowers I made earlier to the base of the cake.

Using some pastry cutters I cut out some flower shapes in different colors and sizes and attached them to the cake. I cut out the number 2 and covered it in glitter and when it dried I attached it to the front of the cake. I then colored the green grass around the mud puddle on the top of the cake. Finally, attached the name to the cake board.

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