My Doctor asked me to  make a cake for her 11 year old daughters’ birthday. She was getting her a Persian kitten and wanted me to include one on a make up themed cake. I had never tried to sculpt a kitten so I thought it would be a good idea to try it with Rice Krispies treats.

I made a batch and  cut in equal large squares. I stacked them and cut out a deep square to hollow out a basket. I then shaped the extra into a cat shape. I made a layer cake and frosted it with my home made butter icing. I sprayed silver food coloring on it to make a mirror finish and then piped a floral design along the edges.

I made all of the makeup from my homemade fondant. The entire cake including the cat and basket are edible. After I made the cat and basket I melted white chocolate and painted it on the cat.

I added blue food coloring to the rest of the white chocolate and painted it on the basket. I colored more fondant and thinly rolled it out for the pink blanket on the cat. I painted the cats’ features with food coloring.

I was so happy that it turned out so well. Every time I make a special cake it makes me want to make more. The more challenging the cake, the better. I would love to have my own cake business.

By the way, the kitten tended to droop her heavy head so I decided she wanted to lean on the edge of the basket and try to climb out ( but that was OK with me. Sometimes your cakes end up a little different than you planned). Be creative but flexible. When you put your heart in your cake creations the end result will show how much care you put into it. They will love it. Besides, no one knows but you how you wanted it to look when you started making it.

The cake was a big hit with the little girl. She had her Father take it to school for her to share with her classmates. I wish I could have been there to see the reactions on her friend’s faces. Hopefully I can get photos the next time I see her.