Coolest Personalized Tractor Cake Design

This Personalized Tractor Cake Design was a mess when I pieced it together out of a 9×13 and two 8″ rounds, but the frosting totally saved it!

One full sized 8″ is the back wheel, then I used a baby formula lid to cut the smaller wheel out of the second 8″ round. The remaining portion of that round was used to make the two curved bumper portions for both wheels.

The 9×13 fell apart while I was cooling it, so I used the larger portions with flat edges to fill in the cab and engine, then used other broken pieces to make the steps (between the wheels).

Two regular sized containers of white frosting were just barely enough. I used the four basic colors of food coloring and some cocoa to make each of these colors.

3/4 of the frosting from one of the containers was dyed gray, the other 1/4 was made light blue. 3/4 of the other frosting tub was dyed green, and the remaining 1/4 was dyed yellow.

Used a frosting tip in the corner of a snipped baggie to do the piping. Necessity is the mother of invention!