Coolest Peter Brock Racing Car Cake

This Peter Brock Racing Car cake is a cake I made earlier this year for a friend’s son’s birthday. The little boy, Brock was turning 5 and his dad is a mad Peter Brock racing fan. Since Peter Brock’s racing number was 5, this was the only year they could do this cake.

I made 2 square chocolate mud cakes and basically cut them and sculpted it using chocolate ganache applied with an angled spatula to stick the pieces together then cover the cake with, giving it a smooth finish. Once the ganache was set, I brushed it with syrup made by mixing apricot jam and hot water to make so the fondant would stick to it. I used white ready to roll fondant to cover the cake with initially, then added black fondant for the windows and wheels.

I brushed a clear gel over the windows to make them look shiny. For the paintwork on the car, I mixed powdered food dye with clear alcohol (vodka) to create the paint, then I hand painted the logos etc as best I could working from photos. The fine white detail on the wheels and writing on the car windows and spoiler was done using royal icing piped with a very fine tip.

As for the spoiler, I molded it using gum paste and waited for it to set. Unfortunately it started cracking because of the humidity, so to support it, I stuck 2 thin wooden skewers underneath with royal icing, then painted it black to match the spoiler so it wasn’t noticeable. Naturally I told the parents so nobody would try and eat the skewers!

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