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Coolest Petshop Snail Birthday Cake

I made this Petshop Snail Birthday Cake for my niece’s 6th birthday. It is a marble cake that I carved into the shape of a snail petshop, the snail was her favourite at the time.

I made this cake with two 9×13 cake pans. The first 9×13 cake I shaped into the head from a template I created from a cartoon version of another petshop I found on the internet, most petshops have the same head shape. The shell and body I free handed carved, from the second 9×13 cake. The cake was not quiet wide enough so I managed to use a spare piece of cake after carving to piece together the top of the shell. The anntena of the snail was also carved from left over cake, there was not much waste in making this cake.

I used a butter cream icing, and a number 18 Wilton star tip to ice the cake. I’m not sure if you can notice by the picture but the shell is shinning, this is was my proudest invention. Most people will tell you not to use pearl dust on butter cream and I agree its a bad idea, especially if you have iced the cake with rosebuds. However, this is my tip to everyone! if you take a clean and unused oil sprayer, you know the ones you can buy in the grocery stores and put a teaspoon or so of pearl dust and about 2 or more drops of lemon juice just enough to make the pearl dust wet into the sprayer, and swish it around then pump it up till it is really hard to pump, and spray a test spray onto a napkin to get rid of most moisture, then go nuts spraying any area on your cake, and you will get a nice added shine to your cake!

I then baked 2 dozen mini cup cakes and made the flowers and grass. To make the grass cupcakes, I iced each cupcake with green icing then dyed some coconut green with green food coloring dunked the cupcakes into it.

I hope this will help anyone looking to make a petshop cake, remember most petshops have a similar circular or square head!

Happy Cake Baking!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Petshop Snail Birthday Cake”

  1. I love your cake. My daughter is turning 4 and this is her favorite pet shop at the moment. Thanks for sharing – you did a great job! Love the idea about the spray bottle. Had no idea! Thanks again,

  2. my daughters turning 8 and she loves littlest pet shop the big ones she says she likes them more than anyone i hope she likes the snail because i don’t understand any of these cakes on this website except yours!


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