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Coolest Phineas and Ferb Birthday Cake

I baked an 8×10 chocolate cake. Usually, I do a homemade cake recipe, but this time, it was a boxed cake mix. While the cake was baking, I drew out the shape of Phineas’ face on piece of paper. This would be the outline I would use to cut the cake in the shape that I wanted it. Then, I drew all of the details of his face onto the outline sheet.

I made several copies of this. I took each copy that I made, and cut out a different face part (eg. One sheet, I used to cut out the white part of the eyes.One sheet, I used to cut out the black part of the eyes. One sheet, I used to cut out his hair. Etc…) I then used each of these cut outs as outlines.

I colored all of my fondant. Ivory for the background of his face, Red for the hair and tongue, White for the back of the eyeball, teeth and collar of shirt, Black for the front part of the eyeball, Red and Brown mixed for the back of the mouth, Orange for the stripe of the shirt, Brown for the freckles and the ears.

After the cake cooled (10 minutes), I turned it out on a plate. After the cake was completely cooled, I frosted a thin layer of store-bought frosting on the cake I used the face outline to cut out the shape of the cake, and discarded (served to my family) the unused cake remnants. Then, I used the smaller cut outs of the facial parts to cut out each facial feature in the color of fondant that I needed. When I rolled out the ivory fondant for the background color of his face, I used the cut out that I used for the cake, and I just rolled it larger than that cut out so that it would cover the sides of the cake too. I did this fondant layer first, and then layered the mouth, eyes, hair, shirt, ears and freckles on top of that layer – smoothing it all out as I went.

After the Phineas and Ferb Birthday Cake was done, with orange frosting, I piped the words above and below the cake. My son was thrilled!

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