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Coolest Phineas and Ferb Birthday Cakes

My husband and I made these Phineas and Ferb cakes for our children’s birthdays. Their birthdays are close to each other so we had one party. One chose Phineas and the other chose Ferb. I used 2 cake mixes for each cake. They were baked in an 11X15 rectangle pan. I baked one cake at a time since I only have one pan that large.

After the chocolate cake was done baking, I let it cool on the counter for about 30 minutes, and then placed in the freezer still inside the pan for about 2 hours. I started preparing the white cake mix, and once it was done being mixed; I pulled the chocolate cake out of the freezer, and transferred the cake from the pan to a cake board, then returned it to the freezer.

I baked the white cake, and put it in the freezer after letting it cool for 30 minutes on the counter. The cakes were in the freezer for a total of about 5-6 hours. My husband printed off a picture of each character and cut it out, and then we placed them right on the cakes, and cut around them. We layered on a crumb coat of buttercream icing, then put them back in freezer while we rolled and colored our fondant (we purchased a 5 pound package from Wal-Mart; only used half the package for both cakes). We just looked at a color picture of them to get the colors right. I used the Wilton icing colors that you can buy at Wal-Mart in the cake decorating section. I also used Wilton buttercream. For their skin tone, we just use a tiny hint of brown in the white fondant. It gave it the perfect color. The orange for Phineas’ hair is yellow and red coloring mixed.

I used baby spoons when dipping out color, so I always just estimate what should work, but add color slowly. You can always add more. We layered the tops of the cake with fondant first, and went back and put it on the sides. We had a little bowl of water ready to use it for adhesive and patching. To roll the fondant out, we just covered our counter top with powdered sugar, adding more as needed. The fondant work isn’t perfect, especially around their hair, but we are proud!!

The cakes were in the fridge for a whole day before the party (we did the decorating on a Friday night, the party was on a Sunday), and so on Sunday morning, I pulled the cakes out and colored some buttercream, and added the border and writing. The fondant work was difficult at times, but all in all, enjoyable, and only took about 4 hours.

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