Coolest Pickup Truck Birthday Cake

My son is in love with anything cars, trucks, or motorcylces so I thought it would be cute to make him a Pickup Truck Birthday Cake. It’s one of the few words he can say so far. Since he’s turning 2 I thought I’d put the number 2 on each door panel. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make a great cake so I bought a strawberry pinwheel loaf and another pack of mini strawberry pinwheels.

I used one of the small ones for the cab and carved out a truck bed. I iced the windows with white icing and then took Twizzler pull and peels and wrapped them around for the frames. I used dots for the head lights and brake lights. I used black licorice for the sides of the truck bed and strands of the pull and peel for the bottom.

The tires are mini chocolate covered donuts and the dirt and things in the truck bed are just left overs from everything. I think this was pretty good for my first 3D cake. Oreo crumbs would have made a great dirt road if I had had any on hand.