Cool Homemade Pickup Truck Birthday Cake

My nephew loves his trucks so I carved from a three layer 9×13 cake this Pickup Truck Birthday Cake.

A trip to the specialty candy store gave me chocolate covered Oreo’s for wheels, candy rocks, strips of gummy for lower paint trim, M&M’s for headlights, tail lights and of course one box of cocoa pebbles layered on top of chocolate frosting for the dirt under the truck. The windows are cut from fruit rollups.

This truck cake is held up on a cake board I carved to match the shape of the truck and then propped up on a base so that the tires truly are the only piece of the cake that is touching the dirt road. It gives a great realistic effect and is simple to add that piece.

I had lots of cargo of logs (licorice) rocks (candy) but my family ate them and lightened the load before the photo.

You can see it but the tailgate even says “ford” on the back which made my Chevy loving brother cringe!

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