Coolest Pig Birthday Cake Design

My daughter was learning phonics in 4K and one of their rhymes to learn the sounds of the letter “P” included “To say Happy Birthday, because she was big, Sally helped bake a cake in the shape of a pig.” My daughter came home and insisted that her next birthday cake be shaped like a pig.

Sooo…I searched on Microsoft Word for a picture of a pig for my Pig Birthday Cake Design. I found a piggy bank picture and used it as a stencil to cut out a 9×13 cake into my piggy shape. Then, I used black decorator icing to draw in the details and filled it with strawberry frosting stars. I used black licorice bites for the hooves, fruit rollup pieces for the insides of the ears, and red licorice strings for the mouth.

She loved the cake, and so did all of her friends, who thought it was awesome that it matched the phonics rhyme!

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  1. This is the cutest pig cake I have seen. I would buy it from the mom that made it if she lived closer! Her artist talent shows and I just want to say I love it!

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