Coolest Pig Cake with Pigglet Cupcakes

I’m not a baker and not very talented but I had the urge to make my son’s 1st birthday cake. He had an “Old McDonald had a Farm” birthday party since his favorite toy was a pig so I made him this Homemade Pig Cake with Pigglet Cupcakes.

For his own “smash cake” I baked one large and one small round. Frosted them with strawberry store bought frosting. I used black jelly beans for his eyes and nose holes. For the ears I used large pink marshmallows.

For the guests I made “piglet” cupcakes. Used the same strawberry frosting, large pink marshmallows for the nose, small pink marshmallows for the ears, black jellybeans for eyes, and red jellybeans cut in half for the mouth.

Everyone loved them and it was super easy to do.

Homemade Pig Cake with Pigglet Cupcakes