Coolest Pig Lovers Cake

My niece is in love with pigs, she inspired me to make her a special birthday cake. I researched all the pig shaped cakes but wasn’t too thrilled, so I decided to combine best of what I’ve seen and add a little of my own and made this Pig Lovers Cake.

I learned how to make homemade marshmallow fondant online, really easy, just gets extremely sticky in the first stage. I baked her favorite chocolate cake and used frosting first on top then applied fondant. I shaped pigs nose and ears from extra fondant (used some toothpicks to hold them straight up), then colored the cake with pink food coloring spray. Lips are made of candy mold, necklace and eyes are made of white fondant and some chocolate chips, toe nails just black icing.

I wish I had more space to add 2 more legs. My niece LOVED IT! Whole family was amazed. Here is my first time PIG LOVERS cake. Hope you like it.

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