Coolest Piggy Birthday Cake Idea

I was asked to do a Piggy Cake for a friend for her daughter who is completely piggy mad. I got the Piggy Birthday Cake Idea from one the cakes on here and thought I’ll add mine to the mix too …so thank you for the idea.

The bottom cake is 9 inch and the top is 6 inch made with super moist Strawberry sponge from, then I put a little buttercream in the middle of the bottom cake and to crumb coat the cake.

I used baby pink fondant to cover both cakes and the snout, a dark fondant for the ears, tail and tongue and a little black fondant for the eyes and trotters.

I added a little pink ribbon round the neck and press stamped the letters to ice. Can’t wait to see her face tomorrow when I give it to her.