Coolest Piggy Cake

We used a regular box of chocolate cake mix and filled an 8-in round cake pan for this piggy cake. We used the remaining batter to fill small loaf pans (I believe we filled 4-6 of these).

After the cake cooled completely, we cut one of the loaf cakes into an oval for the snout and we used another one to cut off the corners of to use for the ears. We used red food coloring with white frosting to get the pink tint.

Then we iced the entire face of the cake. We darkened the remaining pink to add contrast to the ears, snout and dimple. Using a ziploc with a corner cut off, we “piped” in white circles for the eyes and used some of the excess loaf cake to cut round circles for the pupils.

Finally, we used chocolate sprinkles to line the ears, eyebrows, and mouth. Using tweezers help as long as you don’t pinch too hard. Making a groove with a toothpick beforehand also helps you make sure you got the line in the right spot and fits the long sprinkles into the groove. We got our idea from a birthday card we found at the store. We also bought farm animal plates and napkins.