Coolest Piggy Cupcake

I made 24 of these cute little Piggy Cupcakes for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party, which was held at a local farm park.

I frosted them with pink butter cream. Then I colored some fondant pink and pinched off little bits with my fingers to make the ears. You make little discs and then pinch them at the edges to make them look floppy.

Next I diluted some pink food coloring with a little water and painted 24 marshmallows with a small paintbrush. These made up the noses. You can make two little black dots in the center of the marshmallow with an edible marker or with two little dots of black frosting.

The eyes are made out of fondant too. I made little white balls, and then made the pupils by pushing in little bits of chocolate fondant. You can give the pigs different expressions depending on how you place the eyes.

I got lots of compliments for these from the parents, and the kids loved them too!