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Coolest Pikachu Birthday Cake

This Pikachu Birthday Cake was really pretty simple. I made it for my son Nick on his 9th birthday. He’s quite the Pokemon fan.

I iced the cake in baby blue buttercream. I combed wavy lines into the side and top. I piped the red lightening and smoothed it followed by a black outline. I piped the black background for Pikachu and smoothed it out. I used a mini star tip to pipe around the background. I piped out the message writing, followed by the spirals.

Now, the Pikachu was cut out of a box of Kraft Pokemon macaroni, used as a template, and copied onto fondant. I then outlined him in black and added the face. He then was placed on the cake after drying. I pipped an alternate spiral border with a #18 tip and used thinned down buttercream to make “string” on top of the border.

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