I looked on the net to find ideas for a Pikachu Cake Design for my 4 year old. I made my own template on paper from ideas on the net. I used 2 boxes of cake mix for the cake. One box made 2 square cakes. The other box made one round 8” cake and 12 cupcakes. I used one box of yellow and one box of chocolate cake mix. The round cake became the head. One square cake became the body. The other square cake was used to make the tail, hands, feet and ears. I put my paper template over each cake and cut it to look like what I wanted. I used buttercream icing and a star tip to decorate. I constantly went back to my picture of Pikachu from the net to get the mouth, eyes, cheeks and ears correct.

I used the same red and black icing on the face to help make the Pokéballs on the cupcakes. I made the cakes the day before I cut and decorated it. It took me around 4 hours to cut and decorate the cake and cupcakes. My son loved it. I think he liked the Pokéballs most of all (and they were much easier to make).