Coolest Pillow Cake

I made this pillow cake as a sponge cake and used shaped cake tins. The cakes are made in two halves. I covered the bottom halves first with butter icing and then sugar paste icing which I colored pink and turned upside down onto board. You have to make sure that you really smooth down the sugar paste in order for it to stick evenly to the cakes, especially the bottom halves.

I then used the same method to cover the top halves and used butter cream as a filling. With a piece of ribbon as a guide I marked out the lines with a wheel tool. I placed wooden dowels in the bottom cake in order to support the top cake which was placed on a small round card.

I sprayed the top of each cake with a pearl spray. The cup and saucer on top of the cake was made with gum paste molded to a cup & saucer and left to dry and sprayed pearl pink. The roses were also made with the gum paste but colored 2 shades of pink.

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