Coolest Pillow Fight Cake

I wanted to create a power puff girls cake which showed the little heroes in an unusual situation and what is better than a nice pillow fight before going to sleep?.

The Pillow Fight Cake is the power puff girl’s bed. You just bake a rectangular cake and cover it in 3 different colours of sugarpaste (1/3 for each colour). The most difficult part of this cake is the modelling of the power puff girls and all the bedroom accessories but if you have a good picture of the characters, a bit of creativity and a lot of patience, you will definitely succeed.

I think that the niciest thing about this cake are the colours. The more colours you use, especially pastel colours, the more attractive it will appear. Girls will just love it and it will definitely bring a smile.

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  1. This cake is awesome! My friend loves the power puff girls. I’m having a sleepover party and chose a different cake. I am going to show my friend this I know she would want this for her party….

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