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Coolest Ping Pong Birthday Cake

I am no pro a cake making, so this Ping Pong Birthday Cake is perfect for anyone of all ages to pull off. To make the table I used a 9X13 cake pan and filled it with a red velvet cake mix (you can get that at almost any super market). Once that was out of the oven I mixed white frosting (from a can) with black food coloring (it comes in a small plastic jar. I got mine at Ac Moore but any crafts store should have it).

Making white frosting come out jet black is a task I believe is simply impossible, so mine is a greyish color. I used a disposable icing bag filled with white frosting to trace the lines across the table. For the net I cut up a Stop and Shop brand onion bag and glued it to two red tooth picks. To make the ping pong balls I filled mini cupcakes with vanilla cake mix (again, from a box). Then I frosted them with white frosting and piped the letters “Happy Birthday Jake.”

As I said in the beginning I am no pro, and working with fondant is not something I want to deal with (or spend money on) so this is a basic design that fits the wallet and schedule.

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