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Coolest Pingu Birthday Cake

I made this homemade Pingo birthday cake for my husband who likes Pingu. Time was limited so the design had to be basic, quick and simple. The sponge was a 10-inch round cake and I find that just before decorating. I put it in the freezer for half an hour to really chill and this really helps when handling and cutting the cake.

I then cut in half and spread jam and butter cream inside, then coated with buttercream again and “froze” again for 10 minutes or so before covering with my ready roll fondant. Always roll bigger than the cake and in this cake I draped to make an iceberg effect.

I covered the board in marbled blue roll out too, (gave the effect of the sea water). I then rolled snowballs and to make the penguins stick or stand up I used a cocktail stick which also helps keep the head attached. I finished off with Sparkles to add ice effect.

The Pingu’s were dead easy to make, two balls of black and some circles of white for the tummy, silver balls for eyes and pinched the beaks into shape in red. Wings were black sausage shapes which I flattened and wrapped around the back of the body to create the penguin arms.

This homemade Pingo birthday cake is a really easy cake to make especially if short of time.

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