Coolest Pink Bear Cake for Coco’s 2nd Birthday 26

I made this Pink Bear Cake for Coco’s 2nd birthday from boxed strawberry cake mixes. I used a total of 3. First I made the bear cake mold (1 box), then 2 8″ round cake pans (1 box), then I used a 3″ tall 12″ round (1 box). The base was the 12″ round.

I placed 2 8″ on top of that and covered all with pink fondant. I placed 5 wooden dowels in the 8″ to hold the plate with the bear sitting on it. I used tip number 233 to decorate the bear with icing I colored hot pink. I did the ears in purple and the tail.

The bear decorating was the most time consuming. I cut the tip of a kids birthday party hat off for the hat on the bear and tied a pink bow and placed it on bear as a collar. The cake stood about 15″ tall, everyone loved it and said the cake itself was the best tasting cake I had ever made.

The only thing I would do different next time is color the fondant on the layer cakes hot pink instead of light pink, since the bear was hot pink. Everything was pink including the cake inside and it was ALL cake.

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