Coolest Pink Car Cake

This Pink Car Cake was made up of three sheet sponge cakes (11″x15″). The sheet cakes were all stacked on top of one another and then the edges trimmed off (and the parts that had risen) to make the cakes completely level.

The car seat area was then cut out about two-thirds of the way along the car body and then the bonnet and boot were shaped accordingly. Each layer was then lifted off and buttercream was spread to ‘glue’ the layers together (and also provide a delicious filling) – but not spread too thickly. Then the entire car was covered in a thin layer of buttercream to ensure the fondant would stick and that the finish would be smooth.

1.5kg of white fondant was then coloured pink using colour paste, rolled out to the right size and then covered the cake. All the grooves needed the fondant worked around them to ensure the fondant molded correctly to the shape of the car. Meanwhile, the board was covered in a thin layer of grey icing to simulate the road surface and then ‘dappled’ with a scourer sponge to give a rough surface effect.

All the excess pink icing was then trimmed off and tucked under the edges of the car. Using a circle cutter, the wheel arches were then cut out, and biscuits, covered in black fondant are placed into these spaces.

While the pink fondant is still malleable the bonnet, boot and door edges all need marking out with a sharp knife. Using modeling fondant – the door handles, and boot latch need to be made and attached using edible glue.

The body of the car needed to be glazed 4 times in total with confectioners’ glaze, allowing each coating to dry thoroughly in between. The windscreen was also made using modeling fondant and then left draped over something slightly arched. When dry the windscreen could then be inserted into the body of the car into a very thin cut out section just before the dashboard. The windscreen can then be dusted with grey colour to give the glass effect. The figure is modeled from modeling fondant also and features painted on using colour paste.

There are so many things that can be added to this cake to make is specific to the birthday girl/boy. In this case the girl is going off to university shortly so they wanted a graduation cap and suitcase! A really enjoyable cake to make with rewarding results – just very time consuming!

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