My baby sister just turned 22 the other day. My parents wanted to throw her a birthday dinner and asked me to bake a cake. I love to bake, and wanted to do something original, so I asked myself what is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of my sister, and the light bulb went off. “Puckered lips/ smooches” that’s the image that comes to mind. Every time my sister poses for a picture she has her lips stuck out, she can’t help herself, even when I tried to get her to take a picture with her a smile and she still did the puckered lips. LOL!

The cake itself is 2 box yellow cakes. I didn’t have a lip pan so I baked in a 11x15x2” rectangle cake pan. I don’t have any templates either, so I printed out a picture of puckered lips from the internet and carved the cake freehand. The icing was pink colored butter cream  (I have not tackled fondant yet….not sure if I even want to).

Everyone loved the cake. My mom and sister laughed out loud as soon as they saw it. My mom interrogated me on how I did it, asking a million and one questions. My sister immediately posted a picture of it on the internet. It was a great experience and I loved the challenge.