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Coolest Pink Spider Cake

My daughter, aged 3, was really into spiders and wanted a pink spider cake as a birthday cake.

The cake was made from 2 separate round 7″ cakes, normal vanilla sponge mix – using approx 10oz flour, sugar, butter and 4 eggs in each tin. Bake for approx 30-45 mins at 190 degrees centigrade. Turn out onto wire racks to cool.

When cool, adjust the shape of one of the cakes so that it is smaller (this is for the head of the spider). Slice the cakes so that a buttercream filling with strawberry jam can be put in the middle. Using fondant icing tinted pink apply a layer to both the small and large circular cake using smooth apricot jam to apply. Then mix up another batch of buttercream, tint pink and apply all over head and body of spider with the cakes butted up against each other in position.

Ensure the buttercream is quite stiff in consistency and then peak the buttercream to make spider look spiky.

The cake board was decorated with rolled white fondant icing and strips of icing to simulate the web. Used coloured marzipan to make the small ladybirds positioned on the board.

The legs were made from orange chocolate sticks fused together with melted white chocolate to get the joint. The eyes were pink dragees fixed with white chocolate onto chocolate buttons.

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