Coolest Pink Zebra Cake

The ultimate girly-girl cake! The inside of the Pink Zebra Cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter cup filling (Whip together: 1 c. creamy peanut butter, 1 stick room temp. margarine, 2 c. powdered sugar, 2 T. milk). Then I lightly iced the outside of each tier with buttercream.

I prepared the bottom for stacked construction using 4 dowel rods. Cover each tier with pink fondant. I brushed the entire cake with pink pearl dust to make it glitter. Cut out flowers of each color, then lightly roll them with the rolling pin to smush the two colors together. Make a “sandwich” of flower, fondant adhesive, wire, flower and let dry overnight.

Meanwhile, cut zebra stripes out of black fondant and use fondant adhesive (watered down mushy fondant applied with a brush) to back of each stripe and press onto side of cake. Stack the little cake on top. Roll pink and black balls and alternate them for border. Dip each ball into a little bit of water first. Insert a flower spike into the center of the top tier and push fondant down inside of it.

By the way, the wires were 18 gauge florist wire just bent by hand. Lastly, push wires into spike. Voila!

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