Coolest Pinky Dinky Doo Cake

My daughter loves the show Pinky Dinky Doo on Noggin. For her 4th birthday, she requested a Pinky themed party, including a Pinky cake.

To make the cake, we printed a coloring page from and scaled it up. I then made templates out of waxed paper and used those templates to carve the cake.

It’s a cream cheese pound cake that is iced with Vanilla buttercream frosting. After icing the entire cake white, I piped the colors on and then spread them with an offset spatula for the crayon effect.

I used two makings of the pound cake recipe, baked in an 11x15x2 pan, a 6 inch round pan, and an 8x8x2 pan. The dress and legs were cut out of the 11×15 cake. The 6 inch cake was used for the head, and the arms and ponytail were cut out of the 8 inch square.

I did not measure the cake after it was finished, but it was roughly as tall as my two year old! There was much too much cake for the small party we had, but it was a hit. All the kids loved seeing Pinky Dinky Doo made in cake.

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  1. My daughter will also be 4 on 7/20/09 and loves Pinky Dinky Doo. The cake looks awesome but too much of a project for me to do since I’m expecting another baby in September. Where did you find party supplies for Pinky?


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