Coolest Pirate Cupcakes

First I baked the Pirate Cupcakes and let them cool, then did a crumb coat of thin icing.

I iced them properly with chocolate frosting (store bought).

I rolled out some white fondant and cut the circles with a cookie cutter. I placed a white “face” onto each cupcake and smoothed it in place

next I cut green circles with the same cookie cutter, and cut them in half. Using a Q-Tip and a glass of water, I put a bit of water on the back of the green semi-circle and stuck it in place for the bandana. I used the green scraps to make little twists for the bandana ties, held in place with another little dab of water.

The face was drawn freehand with the black gel icing, followed by a quick dot of the sparkle yellow for an earring.

I made 42 of them, and they seemed to be a big hit at the party.

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