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Coolest Pirate Ship and Treasure Chest Cake

This Pirate Ship and Treasure Chest Cake is made up of 2 loaf pan cakes – Chocolate for ship, Vanilla for treasure chest.


I used one loaf pan cake for the bottom of the ship, I cut the curved top of cake off and did the same with the second cake then stacked them. I cut the front of the boat into a V point. Then cut out 3 levels for the decks (bit chuck from the middle and a small rectangle out of the back section).

Then secured the 3 pieces with tooth picks, one in the top front and one in the lower level of the back piece. Then covered the ship in Philly cream cheese frosting (200gms Philly cheese, 100gms butter, 4 cups icing sugar + cocoa for colour).

I iced the whole cake then added detail with a choc fudge decorating pen/tube in black and one in white. I used a fork dragged along the sides to give a wood grainy look. The window was a cut up wafer, canons were rollo’s with candles through them, 2 rollo’s together for the keg, and Malteseesers for canon balls. The pirate is from the 2 dollar shop.

Sales were made out of puff pastry and stuck on skewers. I made a puffy 3 and skull and crossbones and put them on the sales which were shaped using Alfoil rolled, then iced around the puffy raised bits so they could be seen better.


Half vanilla, cut corners on a slight curve, sliced lid off at 3/4 cake height. Took a bit out of the middle of the larger side (not too close to the edges or the sides will collapse).

I used the same frosting on the outside of the chest that I used on the ship and some lighter coloured frosting for the inside of the chest and lid. I used 3 gold coin chocolates inside the chest to hold the lid up, and added jubes, candied necklaces and small silver balls to decorate then sat the lid ontop. I spilled the “jewel” lollies onto the sand (crushed up milk coffee biscuits) then decorated with icing pen/tube and created wood planks by using a skewer.

Then to add water I coloured some dessicated coconut with blue food colouring (shook up in a Ziploc bag to distribute – 1 tbls water + foodcolouring).

Needless to say everyone including the birthday boy LOVED the cake and eating it too.

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  1. What a cake! Great idea. I plan to use this for my son’s birthday, thanks for publishing online. I never would have thought of all the cleaver tips.

  2. Thank you so much for the cake idea. Our soon-to-be 8 year old is delighted. I will try sending you a photo of our cake and perhaps you can add it to the page.


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