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Coolest Pirate Ship Cake

I made this pirate ship cake to look like Bucky from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I started by baking 2 9×13 cakes and stacked them. Then for the stern, I baked 4 loaf cakes and stacked them, putting plastic dowels in every 2 layers to hold the weight. The steps up to the bow were two very thin 8 in square cakes. After I got everything stacked up, I froze the cake and carved it into the shape of the ship. After crumb coating it, I used tip 47 to make boards all over the cake. Behind the wheel, I had to cut a round cake board to hold the shape.

All the decorations were made from fondant. The mast was a wooden dowel that I painted with brown gel color. The customer was concerned that it may not feed everyone at the party, so I added a “rock cake” on the side, made in one half of the Wilton ball pan. I made a Treasure chest out of fondant to put on top. Everything was placed on a piece of 20″x20″ plywood covered in foil. I then coated the foil in vanilla icing and then covered that in piping gel tinted with sky blue coloring.

The birthday girl was very excited!