My nephew decided he wanted a Jake pirate ship cake for his birthday. He knows he just has to tell his sissy what he wants and I make it happen somehow. But I have to admit I got a lil nervous here lol.

After brainstorming I thought I had it all mapped out in my head.  And although I was a lil nervous, the nerves calmed pretty soon. Of all people to mess up on is family, Right?  So figured let’s go for it.  His eyes lit up when he walked in and saw it.  And for just one lil moment when everyone was doing their own thing, he was standing looking at it and looked up at me and said ‘wow sissy you done a really Dood job on dat take” There was no one having to say tell her thanks or you like it etc.

His lil face and one sentence meant the world to me!  Times like those is what keeps me wanting to continue to create new and special cakes even though it seems so overwhelming with a full time job and being a single mom!   But somehow it all works out.