Coolest Pirate Ship Cake

This pirate ship cake is based on the Veggietales song/ film “The pirates who don’t do anything”. As with all my cakes, it wasn’t a child’s birthday- this was for a friends 20th!

The ship was a large rectangular chocolate cake. Each end had its corners cut off to shape it, and these bits of cake were placed on top to build up the ends of the ship. Two small rectangles of cake cut from a separate small loaf tin cake were put between the ends to build up the sides. The whole thing was then covered in chocolate butter icing. Decoration is as shown- just various sweets, with choc fudge bars to make the oars, bow and stern.

Flags were printed from pictures off the internet, then put on BBQ skewers, held in place with tiny hair bands (the kind used for braids) to make the sails look like they were being blown in the wind. The crows nest was a tiny gold cake case.

The Veggietales figures were made out of ready made fondant icing, waste of time really as far too sickly to actually eat!

By this time I’d run out of room to put the candles so covered the tray in tin foil and iced it with blue icing, in which i stuck the candles- all twenty of them!



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