Every time someone asks me about a cake and shows me a picture I instantly go, oh no, I cant do that! Until the moment I sit down and think about it and break down what is really being done that is what I think. For this cake I didn’t have a picture to go from so since the beginning I was like, what the heck am I getting myself into. This was the first cake I had to do with no picture thus I had to come up with the cake on my own.

At first this made me more nervous than normal until I realized how awesome of a chance this would be. Planning this cake I went for a simple pirate theme (it was a grooms cake so I didn’t want to take attention from the wedding cake). This cake is very simple, you just make your cake and get a layer of blue icing on them. For the water look you use piping gel. I used some with glitter in it because I like the touch it added.

Then using rice crispies and fondant and make your ship and treasure chest and cover them. Then you use luster dust for the gold in the chest. This was the first time I had used luster dust and I was AMAZED by what it did. I had always thought it couldn’t be as cool as it seemed but I WAS WRONG!! The star fish were also made from fondant. Just used a star cookie cutter then smushed the legs in until it looked more like a star fish versus a star. After the cake was put out on display at the reception it was so hot (we live in Florida and it was out side in June!!) the piping gel started to melt! Of course I freaked out but the bride was like no worries! I love it! So melting piping gel and all she adored the cake and so did her new husband!! It was one of my favorites that I have ever done! Oh and you use brown sugar for sand.