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Coolest Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

This Homemade Pirate Treasure Chest Cake is a yummy scrumptious chocolate cake I made for my son’s Edwards first birthday. It’s basically a rich dark chocolate cake. It is actually a chocolate muffin recipe adjusted to make up a whole large cake. It has pure chocolate as the frosting and royal icing to make the white detail i.e skull and crossbones. I used silver sugar balls to look like studs along the side of the chest and filled it with gold and silver chocolate money.

It looked great on the day and tasted fab, I have a little trick I put in the cake to make it taste slightly different to regular choccy cake a tablespoon of marachino cherry liqueur or the juice from cocktail cherries if you can’t get it also replacing 1/3rd of the flour with ground almonds is also very tasty. Finish with a fine sprinkling of caterers gold dust for a real treasure chest look.

Homemade Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

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