Coolest Pizza Cookie Cake

My three boys and the neighborhood kids decided that they were going to have a “schools out for summer” party the afternoon of the last day of school. The kids asked me to make them a pizza cookie cake.

We used two packages of chocolate chip cookie mix and baked it at 375 degrees on a baking stone that we sprayed with Pam. Bake until done. Be careful not too put too much cookie dough on the stone because it will bake over or you can use a pizza pan but still could bake over. The center will not cook as fast as the outside.

I used cream cheese frosting and dyed the frosting with red food coloring. For cheese I used white beaded sprinkles and yellow glitter sprinkles. The pepperoni is a licorice wheel, olives-black berry gum drops, and green peppers is green licorice shoe lace cut and shaped.

The kids loved the cookie cake along with the rest of their party.