Coolest Playable Angry Birds Cake

My 3-year-old son is obsessed with Angry Birds! I saw a playable Angry Birds cake before, so decided to give it a go.

I started out by ordering a wooden sling shot and putting the bands on it. I also purchased peanut butter wafers and dipped them in chocolate for a smoother finish. I used them for the “Angry Bird” platform.

The next step were the birds and pigs. I simply made them using marshmallow fondant (recipe can be found anywhere on the internet…i.e. Wilton). It was time consuming, but felt like I was playing with Play-Doh! Haha. I made the green pigs in various sizes and then the blue, red and yellow birds.

My next task was to make the “wooden” scene. I used chocolate covered Keebler fudge sticks. They are fairly small and worked just fine. I made royal icing and glued some of the “wood” together with it. I didn’t do the whole thing, just little segments so it would still break apart. I used just enough so it would hold and not topple when I assembled it on the cake.

I made a 9×13 sheet cake and 24 cupcakes for around the cake. I simply iced the cake green and added some grass using a grass decorating tip. I then put “grass” all over the cupcakes. Just a reminder, the store bought icing doesn’t hold as well as homemade butter cream for the grass.

The next step was to put the fudge sticks on the cake. Although I did use some “glue” to hold the sticks together, I still had to steady the assembled sticks. I just placed more fudge sticks behind the scene and pushed them into the cake.

The final step was to let my son have a ball shooting his birds! It worked great. He loved it! I also had fun shooting a bird or two!