Coolest Playstation 2 Cake

This Playstation 2 cake was actually made as a groom’s cake for a wedding, but could just as easily be used as a birthday cake. The groom was a huge video game fan (and still is). This cake was also made just before the new version of the Playstation was released (in case it seems outdated).

I started with a 9×13 cake. Since the console is rectangle shaped anyway, there wasn’t a lot of work that needed to be done for molding or shaping. I used an entire container of black frosting color to make sure it got blackest black for the main console color. I used mini M&M’s for the “lights” on the front and I had an old busted controller that I stuck in the cake (I did have to cut out a small spot for it to go in) and we wrapped the end with plastic wrap before sticking it in the cake.

I used a Playstation 2 console as a guide for the font type and the colors for the “text” on the console. I had a lot of fun making this cake and it made my day to see the groom’s face at their reception when he walked in and saw it.

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