This Pokemon Birthday Cake was made for my son last year by me. It is a Pokemon called Manaphy.

There is a pic of the card next to the cake itself. It was a simple sponge sandwich cake covered in fondant. I think I used apricot jam to cover and stick the icing to the cake. It was really messy colouring the icing by hand but he loved the cake. I sprinkled over the cake with edible glitter.

I filled the cake with buttercream and jam. It was a fairly easy cake to make, the tentacles coming from the head are just rolled icing.

It would be nice to know what people think of the cake, I was pleased with it. I also made a princess castle cake which I have submitted to here also. It’s cake making time again soon. I’ve never really made much more than a sponge sandwich before last year, oh and xmas cakes, so was pleased with these lol.

Thanks for looking.