Coolest Pokemon Pokeball Birthday Cake

Seeing as how my oldest son is the Pokemaster of our street, a Pokemon Pokeball birthday cake seemed fitting!

The ball part of the cake is red-velvet baked in a soccer ball cake pan. One boxed cake mix takes about 50 mins. at 350*F in this pan. I then crumb coated it in a thin layer of white frosting and used dental floss to make the Pokeball design in the frosting as a guide. Using my medium sized star tip, I put the white frosting on, starting from the bottom and working my way up and making sure I left a gap for the black line. I then put the red frosting on the same way, and the black last.

The smaller pokeballs are chocolate cake balls. To make the cake balls, make the cake as you normally would and let it cool completely. Crumble the cake in a bowl and let it mix in one can of frosting (it looks like really thick, wet mud when done right). Chill this mixture for several hours, then using a scoop (or your hands) form the cake balls to desired size. Chill these overnight. I placed these around the cake and frosted the bottom half white and alternated the yellow and green tops and wrote his name and age on them.

To make the red/green/yellow frosting, I simply used food coloring, but I bought a tube of black because it’s easier than trying to make it myself. Working with the canned frosting was tricky, I think if I make this style cake again, I’ll go with the homemade version because it’s thicker.