Coolest Pokemon Pokeball Cake

My son turned 9 and wanted a very cool Pokemon cake. So, I decided to create a Pokemon Pokeball Cake for him. I did a large round cake, iced it, and then covered the whole thing with white fondant. I took food spray (Duff Goldman’s version) and taped plastic wrap over the side I wanted to keep white. I sprayed on the red half. Then, I took more fondant and rolled it out to cut the large black “belt”. I also used food spray on that to make it black. I cut 2 different sized circles out of the fondant and painted one black.

I used icing to “glue” it all together to make the actual Pokeball. My handwriting stinks, so I used these little cookie cutters and cut out the letters from the fondant as well. They dried hard and I painted half of them red so they would show up on the white half. This was my first attempt ever at using fondant, and although not perfect, I was pretty pleased with the end result. My son came home from school and screamed and hugged me, so I guess in his eyes it was perfect, which is good enough for me!