Coolest Pooh Bear First Birthday Cake

I made this Pooh Bear first birthday cake for one year old Peyton Alexis. Start with the supplies, one Wilton Pooh Bear cake pan. I used two boxes of vanilla cake, one 13×9 for the base of the bear.

To get the exact color match, you want to carefully test out the frosting, which I make my own butter cream so that I can get the consistency I like, start with the recommended Wilton icing colors. If you don’t have these, then food coloring will work. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Once you have your colors, I like to pipe them in separate bags and then go to town decorating. I used a medium star tip to make the fur, shirt and rest of the body. Start my outlining with black icing and then fill in with the star tipped frosting. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, so try a few designs on a paper plate first and practice. The balloon was rather simple, chose a color and frost away.

I had so much fun making this cake for her first birthday party.

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