Coolest Pooh & Tigger Cake

This Pooh & Tigger Cake is the first cake I have made. My son broke his leg and wanted to cheer him up with a family gathering. I used a store bought lemon cake mix and buttercream frosting. I colored some of the frosting in sky blue for the sky and green for the grass. As for the decorations, I used candy melts and candy color. I picked out a page from my son’s coloring book, placed it on a large wooden cutting board and taped parchment paper over the picture.

I melted the candy melts in the microwave and colored as desired. Afterwards I put the melted candy into a parchment triangle, along with a number 2 tip. I traced the picture by first tracing the outline, then colored it in with a number 3 tip. For the details I switched back and forth from a number 1 tip to a number 2 tip.

When I was done, I waited for it to harden. Once it harden I popped it into the fridge over night. 30 mins before my family arrived I took it out of the fridge, removed it from the parchment paper CAREFULLY with a spatula and placed it on the cake. You must be very careful removing it from the parchment paper, as it cracks easily. Needless to say son loved it and definitely cheered him up. Oh and the rest of my family loved the cake as well.

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