I made this Popcorn cake for my daughter’s eighth birthday as she was going to the movies with a few friends for her birthday.

I made a rectangular chocolate cake from which I then cut out the shape of popcorn in a box. I then covered the cake with chocolate buttercream icing. I covered the top with white fondant icing up to the part where the popcorn would go. Over the white fondant, I put red fondant icing stripes which I made by rolling out red icing strips. I also made a yellow 8 with fondant icing and added store-bought gold icing stars. I put caramel popcorn on the chocolate buttercream icing at the top and it stuck nicely.

On the big day, I will add eight gold candles and write her name in icing at the bottom, but the cake already looks great. I think the gold stars really make a difference.

This cake was quite easy to make and my daughter loved it and was very proud of her clever mom!