Coolest Popcorn Cake

I found a similar cake on the internet and decided to 3D it! This Popcorn Cake is a Giant Rice Crispy Treat formed with a large Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket and a cereal bowl.

First you spray the inside of the bucket and bowl with non-stick cooking spray. Then press the prepared rice crispy treat into each.

Once it is well cooled, turn bucket out onto a plate or other flat surface and turn it right side up. The treat in the bowl goes upside down on the top of the bucket (be sure is is well pressed and cool or it will fall apart, trust me! mine did.)

I frosted it with white frosting reserving about 3/4 cup to use for the logo and “extra butter”.

The stripes are Fruit by the Foot Fruit Roll-ups. I also added extra rice crispy treat where ever it was needed and yellow frosting to help the kettle corn to stick. It also served as the “butter”.

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