Coolest Popcorn Cake

For this Popcorn Cake, I used two 8in cakes and 1 10 inch cake. I stacked all three together, then I cut around the edges to make a slightly conical shape. The extra cake was mounded up on the top.

After applying a crumb coat, I covered the whole cake with white frosting. Had a bit of trouble when we found out we had no red food coloring. Tried burgundy and pink and black- no dice. Tried again and got something close, but not the bright red I was going for. I used a 104 tip to make the red stripes and put a fat bead around the top.

For the popcorn, I took a tip from this site and used mini marshmallows. I found the best results by tearing them almost in half and then twisting them. The more you tortured them, the better they looked!

I mounded up the “popcorn” over the cake in a random fashion and then gave it a few squirts of yellow color mist. I have to say, from a few feet back, you cannot tell that its not actually popcorn.

It was not too hard, and came out great! Usually I am up until 1am the night before the b-day finishing up but not this time. Done by 10.

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